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As popularized by the Kardashians, ear lobe rejuvenation can be a very simple, but effective way to rejuvenate the ears. As we get older, earlobes tend to lose volume and become thinner. With long-term earring use, the ear piercings can become stretched or torn. An extreme example of this is having the earlobe stretched with gauges. Earlobes can be quickly repaired in the office using local anesthesia and patients frequently return to work afterward.

Dr. Vipond has a number of different techniques, some of which were invented by him, to help fix the damage of earrings and time. Proper evaluation in the office is necessary to determine the best approach for you. Non-invasive options for thin, elongated earlobes include filler and fat grafting. An Ear Lobe lift can help shorted hanging earlobes, while torn or stretched piercings can be repaired. As with all surgeries, meticulous technique is essential to create the best results. Earlobes may be re-pierced after the incision has healed in approximately six weeks. This can be a very easy solution for an aggravating and conspicuous condition.

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What is lobuloplasty?

When most people think of having surgery on the ears, they think of a child having his or her protruding ears brought closer to the head. This is known as otoplasty, and it also includes reshaping of congenitally deformed ears.

But another ear surgery, lobuloplasty, is becoming more common. This is earlobe repair surgery. Dr. Vipond performs lobuloplasty to repair earlobes that have been torn by earrings or trauma, or have been stretched by the prolonged wearing of large gauges, circular plugs worn in the earlobe.

Who is a good candidate for lobuloplasty?

Earlobe Repair in Claremont | Lobuloplasty Claremont | Facial Artistry Trends in style come and go, and some of these may affect your earlobes. For instance, you may no longer want to wear large gauges in your earlobes. But when you remove them your earlobes are stretched and hanging. This is because the skin has been overstretched for such a period of time that it has lost its elasticity.

Some fashion trends have included large hoop earrings. The nature of these makes it quite easy to catch the hoops on clothing or even the passing branch of a tree. When the earring tears through the earlobe, the earlobe will not heal back together in an aesthetically pleasing way. The scar will be uneven and quite noticeable. It needs to be stitched back together and Dr. Vipond can do this so the resulting scar is very fine and becomes virtually invisible with a little time.

What are the benefits of earlobe repair surgery?

Our ears are quite noticeable on any given day. That’s why people wear earrings in the first place. They are even more noticeable when the lobe is hanging downward and resembles something akin to uncooked pizza dough. The same is true if you have an uneven scar from an unaddressed earlobe tear.

Women go to great lengths with their hairstyles to cover these kinds of earlobe problems, but this is an ineffective solution.

Dr. Vipond can change that with lobuloplasty. He uses different techniques to fit your unique needs. He can even add volume to aging earlobes that have become overly thin with time. These procedures give our patients confidence that no one is paying too much attention to their ears. After all, they’re still just your ears! You can wear new hairstyles that now show off your ears, rather than hide them. Plus, you’ll be able to wear earrings again in about six weeks. You may just want to avoid gauges and hoops in the future.

How is lobuloplasty done?

Earlobe Repair in Claremont | Lobuloplasty Claremont | Facial Artistry These are outpatient procedures performed with the patient under only local anesthesia. Once the patient is locally anesthetized, Dr. Vipond works with the skin, removing excess skin in cases of sagging or stretching, or bringing ripped skin back together in a repair. A small amount of skin is removed to create a better incision to stitch back together and heal with a minimal scar. These are simple procedures that are very satisfying as Dr. Vipond’s surgical expertise enables him to make the incision scar very thin. This scar fades very quickly in the months after these procedures.

How long Does Earlobe Repair surgery take?

These surgeries can be remarkably fast, taking as little at 15 minutes in the case of torn earlobes. Most of these procedures take up to 45 minutes, but if Dr. Vipond has to manipulate cartilage the surgery may take an hour.

What will my recovery time be after earlobe repair surgery?

You’ll return home with bandages on your earlobe or lobes. Dr. Vipond uses dissolvable sutures whenever possible so you don’t need to return to have those removed. Lobuloplasty doesn’t create an overly painful recovery; over-the-counter ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) is usually all that is needed to manage your discomfort. We recommend using a cold compress for the first day after surgery. You’ll place the compress on for 30 minutes and then remove it for 30 minutes continuing to alternate. This can really minimize any swelling. When your bandages can be removed you’ll need to apply an antibiotic ointment for the remainder of the first week. At that point, your recovery is mostly complete.

Are there any risks with lobuloplasty?

This is minor surgery, so the risks are quite low. Still, there is a slight risk of excessive bleeding, infection, and uneven healing of the incision. These are rare. This is a satisfying procedure for Dr. Vipond’s patients with damaged earlobes.

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