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Botox | Dr. Gregory Vipond

Botox has been used around the world for more than a decade now. In that time, we have come to know quite a lot about this injectable treatment. Most people who have heard of Botox know that it is used to reduce wrinkles. Most people know that treatment is virtually painless, is very safe, and does not require downtime. Over time, we have come to see this injectable as a viable solution for not only frown lines but also drooping brows, downturned corners of the mouth, and more. What more could there possibly be to appreciate about Botox Cosmetic? Research suggests there’s one more thing: elasticity.

What is Elasticity?

We know a rubber band to be elastic. The skin also has a degree of elasticity to it. Elasticity is what allows skin to stretch and, even more importantly, to bounce back to normal position. If you were to pinch a small area of skin and release it, the rate at which it returns to normal indicates how much elasticity it has. As we get older, most of us tend to have much less than we once did. Without elasticity, the skin is more likely to look crepey and saggy. So, the fact that Botox might improve this is a pretty big deal.

What Research Says

The study that observed Botox’s effect on elasticity was conducted by researchers in Canada. Using a tool called a Cutometer, doctors measured the elasticity in the skin of 43 women. None of the participants in the study had ever undergone Botox treatment. Before they were treated, an initial measurement of elasticity was obtained. Several more were obtained after participants received Botox injections. What was discovered was that elasticity measurements improved after treatment, and not just a little. Up to 30 percent increase in elasticity was observed at the conclusion of the study. Also, this increase lasted up to 4 months, the average longevity of Botox results.

We already knew that there were several reasons for the popularity of Botox. Now there are even more. The boost of elasticity suggests that Botox can also decrease the speed at which new wrinkles form, making injections both corrective and preventative.
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