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Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

Rhytidectomy (Facelift) Face and Neck Lift, Mini Lift, VIP Signature Lift

Of all the facial plastic surgery procedures Dr. Vipond performs, facelift surgery (rhytidoplasty) provides perhaps the most dramatic and impressive change. It can take away sagging jowls, neck banding (turkey gobblers), and extra skin to turn back the sands of time. There are several different types of lifts, but this is not a “one size fits all” surgery and the decision is based on your individual features and concerns. Not surprisingly, it does require patience, time, and skill to ensure a natural appearance while maximizing a surgical improvement. It is definitely one of the most satisfying procedures performed but the best results are seen with properly-selected candidates who are psychologically prepared and have realistic expectations.

The popularity of rhytidectomy and its evolution have resulted in the development of a variety of different incisions and techniques. Dr. Vipond uses an incision that minimizes the movement of any facial hair (especially in the temple region) and with his meticulous closure technique, leaves an imperceptible scar. The operation involves four stages: the incision, the elevation of the skin, the repositioning of the facial muscles and fat, and closing the incision. Dr. Vipond feels that the most important aspect of the procedure is the repositioning of the foundation of the face and neck (the SMAS and platysma). It is vital to recognize that every face is different and that the foundation needs to be restored to its natural, youthful position. By using a multi-vector technique, developed over hundreds of procedures, Dr. Vipond is able to precisely lift the foundation and restore your youthful beauty without leaving a “stretched or pulled” look.

Not only have techniques changed, but so have anesthetic techniques. While patient comfort and safety are the highest priority, Dr. Vipond prefers to operate without general anesthesia. The recovery process is quicker and patient comfort is greater without any sacrifice in safety. During your consultation, Dr. Vipond will discuss with you all of your options and help arrive at one that is best suited for you.

Contrary to popular opinion and many publicized celebrity mishaps, in the majority of patients, the recovery is straightforward without excessive downtime or discomfort. In fact, most patients relate that the entire process was much easier than anticipated and that they should not have been nervous at all. While every patient is different, a number of patients are able to return to work after the sutures are removed at one week. There are several “tricks” that can reduce the amount of swelling and bruising as well as camouflage any signs of “work” that will get you back to your regular lifestyle earlier. Dr. Vipond and his staff will go over all of these details in depth during your preoperative appointments.

Revision Facelift

Dr. Vipond has extensive experience in correcting the outcomes of previous face/neck lifts to improve unsightly results. Sometimes, it is a simple matter of improving the incisions and scars, but depending on the patient’s appearance, may include repositioning the muscular foundation of the face and neck (the SMAS and platysma), contouring the fat, or removing excess skin. While the best situation is to have the procedure done correctly the first time, Dr. Vipond has the artistic vision and surgical skill to help restore your natural preoperative beauty.


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