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Posted by Chibi on Jul 19, 2011

Had a rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago and my nostrils stick out a bit too much and are flary, will this subside once time goes by back to the original shape as the doc didnt mention touching them? Can I have them fixed later on without going under general anaesthetic if needed?

Asked 4 days ago by Jemjems in UK

Flared nostrils after rhinoplasty may be a temporary feature. Depending on the type of surgery that was performed, it is very common for the tissue around the tip of the nose and nostrils to be swollen and stiff after surgery. If your nose was over-projected (tip stuck out too far) before surgery and your tip was brought back, then sometimes that will lead to flaring nostrils. If there is significant flaring during the surgery, then I will perform a nostril reduction. However, if it is minor, then I prefer to wait until the swelling has resolved, usually after 3 to 6 months, before making that decision. If you need a nostril reduction, it can be performed as an office procedure with very little downtime.

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